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South Salem

Westchester County

Zip: 10590

NY Times
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How a ‘Second Chance’ College Produced the Team to Beat

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Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine.
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American writer and humorist; published books of essays "Metropolitan Life" 1978, "Social Studies" 1981.

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South Salem

Westchester County

History And Antiquities
The following covers "History and Antiquities", a general collection of interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, and anecdotes about Westchester County and its towns. When reading the following, remember to keep in mind that this information has been written about two hundred years ago. Population statistics and events have not been revised to reflect current events and perspective. We think this adds to the historical flavor and interest of the writings, giving a different perspective on much of this information and written in an "older world" writing style. "Historical Collections of the State of New York, Published by S. Tuttle, 194 Chatham-Square, 1841

    South Salem
    Lewisboro, originally South Salem received its present name in 1840; centrally distant NE. from Bedford 6, and from New York 50 miles. Pop. 1,169. Cross River, South Salem, Vista, and Golden's Bride, are names of the post-offices. At Cross River there are 2 churches and about 20 dwellings.

    Sarah Bishop, the hermitess, resided near the boundary line of Lewisboro and the state of Connecticut. She lived on Long Island at the time of the revolutionary war. Her father's house was burnt by the British, and she was cruelly treated by a British officer. She then left society and wandered among the mountains near this part of the state, where she found a cave near Ridgefield, in which she resided till about the time of her death, which took place in 1810. She sometimes came down to the adjoining town of Ridgefield, Conn., to attend public worship on the Sabbath. It is said that the wild animals were so accustomed to see her, that they were not afraid of her presence.

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