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Things To Do | Activities | Albany Albany County
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Things To Do | Activities | Columbia Columbia County
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Things To Do | Activities | Dutchess Dutchess County
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Things To Do | Activities | Greene Greene County
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Things To Do | Activities | Orange Orange County
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Things To Do | Activities | Putnam Putnam County
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Things To Do | Activities
Westchester County
Hudson River Valley

Visit this up-to-date list of the best things to do in Westchester. Things to do are listed by activity, time-of-year, weather, and location. Find the best of things to do in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Activities are also listed by indoor and outdoor things to do year-round. Find lists of fun indoor activities for cold or rainy weather days; or lists of outdoor activities for those glorious summer days or brisk days in winter.

Search for things to do in Westchester by location. Select by town, village, and hamlet to find biking trails, boating, camping, skiing, golf courses, horseback riding, fishing, nature walks and trails, hiking trails, ice skating, places to have a picnic, skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, swimming and more great things to do in every season of the year. For rainy or cold weather days, see places to go bowling, find indoor ice skating rinks, movies, and indoor places to swim.

In addition to searching for activities in Westchester by county, town, and village, Westchester Things To Do are listed by season and time-of-year. Find the best activities in summer, spring, autumn, and winter.

Things To Do Outdoors in Westchester
Parks offer a great selection of some of the best things to do outdoors, year-round; where you'll find excellent activities for the whole family. Enjoy beautiful scenic places in the great outdoors of Westchester parks.

Visit parks offering Wheelchair Accessible activities in spring, summer, fall, and winter. You can enjoy passive and active things to do in Westchester's beautiful parks. Photograph the stunning vistas, enjoy bird watching or animal watching. Parks are also listed by wheelchair accessible activities. Many parks also offer fun activities that are wheelchair accessible, including:
Find things to do and activities by season and weather. Activities that are fun to do year-round are listed in more than one season.

Westchester offers the best things to do at any time of year. Visit this list of exciting and interesting activities in Westchester. For both tourists and residents, find comprehensive descriptions and links to the best places to visit in lower, mid, and upper Westchester.

Indoor Things To Do in Westchester
If the weather is not cooperating and it's a rainy or cold day, don't let the weather get you down. Enjoy one of these fun indoor activities on cold and rainy days:
Visit Activities in Westchester
If visiting Westchester as a tourist or you are a Westchester resident, Westchester offers a large list of places to go and things to do. Visit list of indoor and outdoor Things To Do in Westchester.

On sunny spring, summer, or fall days, visit a State Park in Westchester. Parks offer many activities for the family. Go hiking, fishing, boating and more outdoor activities at parks in Westchester.

Things To Do on a Date
If you're into the outdoors and have found someone with whom you can share these experiences; here are several ideas for your next first date. Being outdoors in the bright sunshine, enjoying beautiful scenic vistas, boating on a lake, or hiking a short distance, might be just the thing to relax both of you on your first date.

In wintertime what could be more romantic than ice skating on the lake, followed by a hot chocolate? Fun things to do on a date include: On the next beautiful spring, summer, or autumn day, plan a visit to a park in Westchester. Parks offer many activities. A fun family activity is to hike one of the beautiful Westchester hiking trails. Biking one of several great Westchester biking trails, offering beautiful scenic landscapes is also a great family day. Or, enjoy a relaxing day fishing at Ward Pound Ridge, Westchester's largest park. With more than 100 parks and more trails to choose from, you're sure to find the right park or scenic spot for a Great day in Westchester.

Review the best outdoor activities in Westchester and find the most amazing selection of things to do outdoors in the fresh air.

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