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Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

 All Bedford Hills Listings10507, history of bedford, bedford station, police department, history, about bedford hills, ward pound ridge reservation, local parks, kids, bedford hills park, rosaforte park, playground, swimming pools, winter activities, ice skating

 Bedford Hills Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

10507, Farms, Bedford Hills, NY, produce, fruits and herbs, organic methods, health, sustainability, live, nutrient rich soil, organically, sustainably, Organic Produce, Products include, pure foods | Westchester Amba Farms "Organic Farm"

  Amba Farms is a small-scale, family operated farm, located at 29 Wood Road, Bedford Hills, NY 10507, Westchester County in the lower-Hudson Valley.

From Amba Farms: "Amba Farms is a small-scale, family-operated, organic business in Bedford Hills, New York. We are a private farm that sells primarily to local restaurants but also to the public at local farm markets. At the farm we focus on growing a wide variety of produce from every vegetable family, as well as fruits and herbs, with particular emphasis on exciting lesser-known heirloom species. We use all organic methods and employ many permaculture principles with the goal of health, vitality and sustainability for our ecosystem. The quality of our product reflects the success of our philosophies." Amba Farms  "Organic Farm" | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 Mount Kisco Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

10549, Farm, Mount Kisco, NY, historic farm animals, pasture-raised beef, Organic Farming, Farmer’s Pledge Program, small farm, Tilapia, Pasture-Raised lamb, organic, Sustainably-Grown Produce | Westchester Cabbage Hill Farm "NOFA-NY Certified Organic"

  Cabbage Hill Farm, offering NOFA-NY certified meat, is located on 70 acres at 115 Crow Hill Road, Mount Kisco, NY 10549 in Westchester County.

From Cabbage Hill Farm: "Dedicated to the preservation of historic farm animals and the small farm. We are dedicated to the practice of sustainable agriculture and aquaponics. We are dedicated to increase awareness through educational model built around a working farm. No chemicals, hormone, or antibiotics are used in our operation. We take part in the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York Farmer’s Pledge Program." Cabbage Hill Farm  "NOFA-NY Certified Organic" | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 Pocantico Hills Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

10591, Farm-to-Table cuisine, Pocantico Hills, NY, working farm, restaurant, educational center, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, local farms, education, dining at Blue Hill, Restaurant Review, Local, grass-fed, organic ingredients | Westchester Blue Hill at Stone Barns

  Blue Hill at Stone Barns, serving Farm-to-Table cuisine, is located at 630 Bedford Road in Pocantico Hills, NY 10591 in Westchester County.

From Blue Hill at Stone Barns: "In spring of 2004, Blue Hill at Stone Barns opened within the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, New York. The Barbers helped create the philosophical and practical framework for Stone Barns Center, a working four-season farm and educational center just 30 miles north of New York City, and continue to help guide it in its mission to create a consciousness about the effect of everyday food choices. Blue Hill at Stone Barns | Westchester restaurant review, website and more . . .

10591, Café, Stone Barns, hikers, active toddlers, locally grown, Hudson Valley cheeses, walk around the farm, Locally grown ingredients, Outdoor dining, Local, Natural and Organic Ingredients, Restaurant Review | Westchester Blue Hill Cafe at Stone Barns

  Blue Hill Cafe at Stone Barns is located at 630 Bedford Road in Pocantico Hills, NY 10591 in Westchester County.

From Blue Hill Café: "A respite for families and hikers, Blue Hill Café offers light snacks, farm-fresh lattes, and other locally grown goodies. Fresh baked goods and vegetable salads prepared in Blue Hill's kitchen are available to eat in the courtyard or to take on a walk around the farm. The shelves rotate seasonal jams and pickles: rhubarb jam and pickled sunchokes in the spring and apple butter and pickled cucumbers in the fall. Blue Hill Café specialities are available online at Blue Hill Market." Blue Hill Cafe at Stone Barns | Westchester restaurant review, website and more . . .
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 Pound Ridge Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

105765, Pound Ridge Organics, Scotts Corner, Pound Ridge Organics Food CoOp, products from local farms, artisans, non-GMO grains and beans, Educational Classes, Cooking classes covering the preservation of seasonal foods, Organic Products, pastured meat | Westchester Pound Ridge Organics "Organic CoOp and Farm"

  Pound Ridge Organics is an Old-Fashioned Organic Micro Farm and Food CoOp located in the hamlet of Scotts Corner, Town of Pound Ridge, NY 10576, Westchester County.

From Pound Ridge Organics: "The Pound Ridge Organics Food CoOp model is simple. Every week throughout the year members are provided an order form which includes seasonally available organic food and products from local farms and artisans including: freshly harvested vegetables, herbs and fruit; pastured meat, free-range poultry and eggs; small batch cheeses; non-GMO grains and beans; kombucha; preserves; baked goods; maple syrup and raw honey. Pound Ridge Organics  "Organic CoOp and Farm" | Westchester  more . . .
 All Yorktown Listings

 Yorktown Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

10598, Farm Alpacas,  Yorktown Heights, NY, exceptional alpacas, raising alpacas, happy, healthy alpacas of outstanding quality, alpaca shows, Visit Faraway Farm, Organic gardens dot the hillside, along with fruit trees, berry bushes and flowerbeds | Westchester Faraway Farm Alpacas

  Faraway Farm Alpacas is located at 1315 Baptist Church Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, Westchester County in the lower-Hudson Valley.

From Faraway Farm: "Faraway Farm is home to a select herd of exceptional alpacas, all with gorgeous fleece, exemplary conformation and lovely, engaging personalities. We breed and sell the finest quality alpacas and our farm store stocks a wide range of items made from their luxurious fleece. Faraway Farm Alpacas | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 Yorktown Heights Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

10598, Farm, organic and non-organic produce, Yorktown Heights NY, Family owned and operated farm in Yorktown Heights, NY.  road side stand off route 132 in Yorktown, organically grown produce, locally grown vegetables, Flowers, plants, 
Hanging Baskets | Westchester Meadows Farm

  The Meadows Farm, offering organic and non-organic produce, is located at 329 Underhill Ave., Yorktown Heights NY 10598, northern Westchester County in the lower-Hudson Valley.

From Meadows Farm: "The Meadows Farm is a Family owned and operated farm in Yorktown Heights, NY. Sonny and Fran started farming in 1958. They had 4 acres of land and a little road side stand off route 132 in Yorktown. As time passed and the farm grew they realized people needed and wanted local and fresh produce and so they needed more space. That is when they rented The Meadows Farm Market in 1970 and eventually bought the farm market and moved it across the street to where they still are today. They grow their crops on 100 acres of land in upper Westchester and lower Putnam counties. The fields are within 10 miles of the farm market, you just can’t get any fresher than that. They work hard to ensure the freshest, best quality produce is provided for you and your family." Meadows Farm | Westchester  website and more . . .

 More Hudson Valley  Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

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Organic Apple Picking
Organic Berry Picking
Organic Pick Your Own Vegetables
Westchester County, New York

Organic Pick-Your-Own Farms
Find organic pick-your-own farms in Westchester and the Hudson Valley, where more and more local farms are preparing to be certified organic. Among the many organic farms offering healthy produce are organic farms for vegetables, grass-fed meats, including beef, pork, and poultry, organic and pasture raised eggs, and organic pick-your-own apples.

Several pick-your-own farms offer beautiful views of hills and mountains while u-pick berries, apples, and vegetables. You and your children can enjoy a wonderful time outdoors selecting your own food. Pick-you-own farms are great fun for children; and kids of all ages enjoy being on a farm where they can run in the corn maze, eat delicious, just made, donuts and apple cider; and then pick their own fruit in the fresh air.

Local Farms
Local farms sell a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including New York apples, berries, pumpkins, and many more varieties of delicious fruit; many of which you can pick yourself. In addition to these pick-your-own apples, berries, and pumpkins, many local farms have acres of pick-your own vegetables.

Additional benefits of buying local include environmental benefits. Going green encompasses many small and large acts; each contributing to saving our planet. Each of us can contribute to "going green" by buying from local farms and farmers' markets. Farmers markets have become more available throughout the Hudson River Valley. To find your local market or list of Farmers Markets in Westchester, NY and the Hudson River Valley, press Local Harvest and enter your zip-code or your city. A list of Local Farmers Markets, including address and hours of operations for your local farm is displayed.

Find farmer's markets, and pick-your-own farms in Westchester, NY. There are farmers' markets offering seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the summer and fall. Find homegrown seasonal fruits & produce such as apples, peaches, apricots, nectarines, pears, plums, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes & corn.

Berry, Apple, and Pumpkin Picking in Westchester, New York
What can be more fun than apple picking in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley of New York? Children enjoy the many activities offered at your local pick-your-own farm. Kids can go berry picking in the summer, apple picking in the early fall, and pumpkin picking for Halloween.

Pick your own raspberries, blueberries, and more healthy produce to bring home for the family. In addition to u-pick fruits and vegetables, many pick-your-own farms offer fun activities for the kids, including hayrides, a corn maze, petting the animals, and best of all, u-pick fruit that you can take home and enjoy.

Buy Local Movement
The "buy local" movement is quickly taking us beyond the promise of environmental responsibility that the organic movement delivered, and awakening us to the importance of community, variety, humane treatment of farm animals, and social and environmental responsibility in regard to our food economy.

Local Farmers Markets
Farmers Markets are one of the oldest forms of direct marketing by small farmers. From the traditional "Mercados" in the Peruvian Andes to the unique street markets in Asia, growers all over the world gather weekly to sell their produce directly to the public. In the last decade they have become a favorite marketing method for many farmers throughout the United States, and a weekly ritual for many shoppers.

In a Farmers Market, a group of farmers sell their products once or twice a week at a designated public place like a park or parking lot. Some Farmers Markets have live entertainment. Shopping at a Farmers Market is a great way to meet local farmers and get fresh, flavorful produce. Find your local Farmers Market by searching New York State Local Farmers and Local Harvest websites at Farmers and Local Markets

Farmers Markets provide a means for local producers of agricultural products to sell those products directly to the consumer. Many communities throughout New York State view Farmers Markets as a positive avenue for supporting local agriculture, providing a source of fresh fruits and vegetables to the residents of their community, and as a means of drawing people into their community aiding in the economic redevelopment of an area.

The Farmers’ Market Federation of New York is a statewide not-for-profit organization designed to both promote and provide support services for the Farmers Markets within New York State. The Federation was formed through the collective efforts of market managers throughout the state, Cooperative Extension, and the Department of Agriculture & Markets, and was initially funded by a Federal State Marketing Improvement Grant in early 1998.

Large scale chemical agriculture continues to poison our soil and our water, and weaken our communities. Buying directly from a family farm can help put a stop to this unfortunate trend. By purchasing organic produce from your local farmer, you are working to maintain a healthy environment, a vibrant community, and a strong and sustainable local economy for you and for your family.

The freshest, healthiest, most flavorful organic food is food that is grown locally. Organically grown food is free from exposure to harmful chemicals; but that is only one small part of the importance of organic products. A larger part of Organic Agriculture involves the health of the soil and of the ecosystems in which crops and livestock are raised. Organic Agriculture is born from the idea that a healthy environment significantly benefits crops and the health of those consuming them. In addition, organic practices are also viable in the long term, since they are efficient in their use of resources. Unlike large scale "chemical agriculture", Organic Agriculture does not damage the environment and our local community.

Find local farms and farmer's markets in Westchester, NY and the Hudson Valley. Experience the colorful abundance of nutritious, high quality locally grown foods, the aroma of fresh produce and the friendly banter of farmers and customers, neighbors and families. A visit to a Farmers Market is an adventure, one that can be experienced every week in your own community. Don't forget to bring the children. Children love visiting their local farmer's market. Farmer's Markets are a great way to experience buying the food you eat and a wonderful lesson in supporting your own community and the environment.

Both economic and health factors have resulted in the growth of Farmers Markets across the country. Not only is a whole new generation of farmers seeking retail outlets which will increase their profitability and viability thus preserving agriculture for themselves and future generations, but also, consumers are discovering that Farmers Markets are a fun, reasonably priced, alternative to supermarkets. At Farmers Markets they have direct access to fresh, healthy local foods and to the farmers who are producing the foods. The experience inevitably includes developing relationships and friendships with the farmers and gaining an understanding and appreciation of where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Use the Local Harvest website to find Farmers Markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other delicious treats.

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