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 All Eastchester Listingsabout the town of eastchester, southern westchester county, bronxville, tuckahoe, grand central station, bronxville or tuckahoe stations, town government, eastchester town hall, neighborhoods of eastchester, school district, history

 Eastchester About A Town

About the Town of Eastchester, southern Westchester County, Bronxville, Tuckahoe, Grand Central Station, Bronxville or Tuckahoe stations, Town Government, Eastchester Town Hall, Neighborhoods of Eastchester, School District, History | Westchester About the Town of Eastchester

  Town of Eastchester

The Town of Eastchester, which includes the incorporated villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe, is about 5 miles south of White Plains and 20 miles north of New York City. Eastchester covers an area of 3.26 square miles and is comprised of the Village of Bronxville and the Village of Tuckahoe.

"The town of Eastchester has developed on top of a geologic feature known as the Manhattan Prong. This feature supports the characteristic landscape of rolling hills and valleys common in central Westchester. Throughout the Manhattan Prong, the shape of the land surface is closely controlled by the underlying bedrock. Much of this bedrock however, is covered with Atlantic Coastal Plain deposits. Metamorphic rocks that are resistant to erosion make up the hills (including Fordham Gneiss, Yonkers Gneiss, and Manhattan Schist), and Inwood Markble makes up the valleys because it is easily erodible. The Hudson, Harlem and East Rivers, as well as the major north/south valleys in Westchester County are all underlain by Inwood Marble (named for an extensive exposure in Inwood Hill Park visible from Spuyten Duyvil). It is Inwood Marble that became known locally as Tuckahoe Marble, prized in 19th century Greek Revival architecture." Source: Eastchester Town Website About the Town of Eastchester | Westchester  more . . .
 All Irvington-on-Hudson Listings10533, irvington-on-hudson, about irvington, things to do, about activities, attractions, matthiessen park in irvington, golfer, play golf, restaurants in irvington, southwestern, history of irvington, washington irvington

 Irvington-on-Hudson About A Town

10533, Town Government, Irvington Village Hall, Irvington, NY, History of Irvington, About Irvington, things to do in and around Irvington, activities and attractions, one-of-a-kind shops, something to do with the kids this weekend | Westchester About the Village of Irvington-on-Hudson


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Scenic views from Irvington-on-Hudson
The Village of Irvington-on-Hudson, also known simply as Irvington, is located in the Town of Greenburgh in southwest Westchester County, New York. Irvington-on-Hudson is one of the beautiful River Towns of Westchester County that borders the Hudson River. It is located only 20 miles north of midtown Manhattan and is served by a Metro-North Train Station making Irvington a desirable place to live and visit.

Irvington shares its western border with the Hudson River, Dobbs Ferry is to the south with the City of White Plains located east of Irvington and Tarrytown-on Hudson to the north. Irvington includes within its boundaries the community of Ardsley-on-Hudson. Ardsley-on-Hudson has its own zip-code and its own Metro-North station.
About the Village of Irvington-on-Hudson | Westchester  photos and more . . .
 All North Salem Listings10560, northeastern corner, horse country, croton falls, grants corner, north salem, purdys, train stations, public schools, hiking trails in mountain lakes park, birding, boating, camping, cross-country skiing, fishing, restaurants in north salem

 North Salem About A Town

Town of North Salem, historic, MTA Metro-North train stations, About North Salem Today, Children's playground, outdoor activities in North Salem, activities, attractions, golf courses, Hammond Museum, hiking trails, History of North Salem | Westchester About the Town of North Salem

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Horse Farm in North Salem, New York
The Town of North Salem is located in the northeastern corner of Westchester County, New York. North Salem borders the Town of Somers to the west, Lewisboro to the south, Putnam County to the north and Connecticut to the east. As of the 2010 census, North Salem had a population of approximately 5200 people and encompasses just over 23 square miles. This beautiful and very private town is noted for its beautiful scenic countryside, lakes, reservoirs, and horse farms.

North Salem also offers a lovely beach community on the fully recreational Peach Lake.
About the Town of North Salem | Westchester  photos and more . . .

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