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Physician - Psychiatrists

 All Briarcliff Manor Listings10510, history, about briarcliff, village of briarcliff manor, activities, attractions, things to do, hudson river, golf at westchester golf courses, best golf courses in the country, antique shops, antique dealers, outdoor activities, fishing, picnic

 Briarcliff Manor Physician - Psychiatrists

Rosen Ronald Dr, Psychiatrist

 All Chappaqua Listings

 Chappaqua Physician - Psychiatrists

Robbins David Bruce, MD

 All Cortlandt Manor Listings10567, history, about cortlandt, northwestern corner, history and antiquities, things to do, places to go, around cortlandt, activities, attractions, state parks in cortlandt, golf courses in westchester, antique shops, outdoor activities, nature walk

 Cortlandt Manor Physician - Psychiatrists

Bear Mountain Counseling Services

 All Cross River Listings

 Cross River Physician - Psychiatrists

Mark J Stumacher, MD


Waldman Marc, PC

 All Katonah Listings10536, history, town history, about katonah, activities, attractions, things to do, hamlets, katonah, biking, hiking, fishing, katonah memorial park, antiquing, antique shops in katonah, historic sites, john jay homestead, historic site, children

 Katonah Physician - Psychiatrists

Banschick, Mark MD Child Psychiatry

 All Larchmont Listings10538, history of larchmont, history, things to do, places to visit, activities, attractions, dining,  parks in larchmont, golf courses, antique stores, concerts in flint park, larchmont restaurants, buying a home in larchmont, mta larchmont train

 Larchmont Physician - Psychiatrists

Bloch Amy, Psychiatrist


Lubrano Arcangleo, MD


Maureen Morris, NCC

 All Mamaroneck Listings10543, history of mamaroneck, about mamaroneck, history, interesting facts, about westchester county, things to do, about activities, attractions, places to go, great theatre, emelin theatre in mamaroneck, for children, restaurants in mamaroneck

 Mamaroneck Physician - Psychiatrists

Nelson Carolyn, PC

 All Mount Kisco Listings

 Mount Kisco Physician - Psychiatrists

Ackerman, Harriet S. MD Child Psychiatrist


10549 | Westchester Augenbaum, Gayle MD Child Psychiatrist

 All Mount Vernon Listings

 Mount Vernon Physician - Psychiatrists

Grandhi Preetham, MD

 All City of New Rochelle Listings10801, history, about new rochelle, things to do, places to visit, activities, attractions, restaurants, dining, buying a home in new rochelle, concert, golf course, antique stores, children, park, kids, parks in new rochelle, playground, movies, shopping

 City of New Rochelle Physician - Psychiatrists

Pearl Norman H, MD

 All City of Peekskill Listings10566, history, american revolution, activities, underground railroad, art district, artist studios, galleries, peekskill art lofts, about peekskill, things to do, places to visit, activities, attractions, dining, restaurants, buying a home

 City of Peekskill Physician - Psychiatrists

Center for Preventative Psychiatry

 All Rye Brook Listingssouth southern southeast southeatern ryebrook

 Rye Brook Physician - Psychiatrists

Pomara Nunzio, MD


Yelin Gershon, MD

 All City of Rye Listings10580, history of the city of rye, new york, schools, rye school districts, historical landmarks, about rye, hiking, golf courses in rye, antique stores, birding in rye, place for children, kids, time to eat, rye restaurants, buying a home in rye

 City of Rye Physician - Psychiatrists

Psychiatric Society of Westchester

 All Scarsdale Listingssoutheast southeastern south southern

 Scarsdale Physician - Psychiatrists

Seides Warren, MD


Sullivan Lawrence C, MD

 All Sleepy Hollow Listingsriver towns, river town, hudson river, hudson river valley, central, mid west, western

 Sleepy Hollow Physician - Psychiatrists

Sleepy Hollow Family Resource Center

 All Tarrytown Listingsriver town, river towns, hudson river, southern, tourist towns, visit, vacation, holiday, sightsee, south, southern, southwest, southwestern

 Tarrytown Physician - Psychiatrists

Phelps Mental Health Center - Inpatient


Turato Mariann, MD

 All Tuckahoe Listingssoutheast southeastern south southern

 Tuckahoe Physician - Psychiatrists

10707 | Westchester Center for Creative Life Change

 All Valhalla Listings

 Valhalla Physician - Psychiatrists

Westchester Medical Center Valhalla

 All City of White Plains Listingscentral mid south southern southeast southeastern central mid whiteplains

 City of White Plains Physician - Psychiatrists

10603, Psychiatrist, White Plains, NY, Westchester County, dual board certified psychiatrist specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry, behavioral and medical treatments, 			Child or Adolescent, Medication Management, Depression | Westchester Aurora, Rozy, Psychiatrist

  Rozy Aurora, Psychiatrist, is located at 510 North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603 in Westchester County.

I am a dual board certified psychiatrist specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry, and have clinical experience in a wide range of settings with diverse patient population. I am trained to provide a variety of behavioral and medical treatments for helping children and adults of all ages. I like to work as a team with patients and families, to address their individual needs. Aurora, Rozy, Psychiatrist | Westchester  more . . .

Brooks Leslie, MD


Child & Family Behavioral Health, Psychiatry


New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center

 All City of Yonkers Listingssouth southern southwest southwestern hudson river valley

 City of Yonkers Physician - Psychiatrists

Retik Hector, PC

 All Yorktown Heights Listingsnorthwest northwestern north northern hudson river valley yorktownheights yorktownheight height

 Yorktown Heights Physician - Psychiatrists

Carmel Psychological Associates


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Westchester County

Physician - Psychiatrists

What is a Psychiatrist?
A psychiatrist is a medical physician who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses, including: addictions such as alcohol abuse or gambling, anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorders and other problems that affect your daily life.

Psychiatrists are uniquely qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological disturbance. Their medical education has given them a working knowledge of the possible causes of a patientís feelings and symptoms. Armed with this understanding, psychiatrists can make a diagnosis and then recommend or provide treatment.

If you are looking for a psychiatrist in Westchester County or a medical doctor that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness, find a doctor on our list of Psychiatrists in Ardsley Briarcliff Manor Chappaqua Katonah Larchmont Mt. Kisco Mamaroneck New Rochelle Scarsdale White Plains Yonkers Yorktown Heights or other locations in Westchester County, NY.

Psychiatrists may specialize in specific areas of psychiatry, such as:
    Addictions such as alcohol abuse
    Anxiety Disorders
    Bipolar Disorder
    Childhood Disorders
    Domestic Violence
    Eating Disorders
    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    Panic Disorder
    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    Seasonal Affective Disorder
    Teenage Suicides
Find a psychiatrist in: Cortlandt Manor, Cross River, Harrison, Ossining, Peekskill, Port Chester, Rye, Rye Brook, Tarrytown, White Plains, or other locations in Westchester County, NY.

Why do people go to a psychiatrist?
People seek psychiatric help for many reasons. Life's usual round of trials may become overwhelming. Relationships may become troubled, or the pangs of anxiety - easily dismissed before as simple "nerves", may grow sharper and last longer. The fresh-faced young newcomer down the hall at work may seem to threaten a secure job, and headaches may start to come literally one after the other. The emotions that arise in reaction to everyday stresses and strains may blow badly out of proportion, or may be strangely absent. Eating may become a refuge, and sleep may begin to seem either irresistible or elusive. Alcohol or drug use may get out of control.

The problems can be sudden, such as a panic attack or as frightening hallucinations, thoughts or suicide, or "voices" that whisper intrusive and incomprehensible things. Or they may be more long-term-such as a pall of gloom that never seems to lift, causing everyday life to feel distorted, out of control, not worth living.

Because they are physicians, psychiatrists can order or perform a full range of medical laboratory and psychological tests that provide a complete picture of a patient's physical and mental state. Their education and years of clinical experience equip them to understand the complex relationship between emotional and other medical illnesses, evaluate all the medical and psychological data, make a diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan.

What are the requirements to become a psychiatrist?
A person wanting to become a psychiatrist must complete high school and college before entering medical school. While there is no requirement for a particular major, college students headed for medical school take required courses in the biological and physical sciences (general and organic chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics) as well as liberal arts courses. The prospective psychiatrist may also study social and psychological sciences and psychobiology. Most psychiatrists and other physicians feel that a liberal arts college education is the best preparation for medical school.

Medical students follow a standard curriculum, with only a few opportunities for choice. In addition to chemistry, biochemistry and physiology, students take courses in psychiatry, behavioral science, and neuroscience in the first two years of medical school. In the last two years, students are assigned to medical specialty "clerkships," where they study and work with physicians in at least five different medical specialties.

Medical students taking a psychiatry clerkship take care of patients with mental illnesses in the hospital and in outpatient settings. They also have an opportunity to work with medical and surgical patients who may have psychiatric problems or who have difficulty coping with their illnesses. Because modern psychiatry places special emphasis on the relationship between mind and body, students pay special attention to issues of stress and physical illness, prevention and behavior change, in addition to learning to care for severely mentally ill patients. Newly graduated physicians take written examinations for a state license to practice medicine. After graduation, doctors spend the first year of residency training in a hospital taking care of patients with a wide range of medical illnesses. The psychiatrist-in-training then spends at least three additional years in a psychiatric residency learning the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses, gaining valuable skills in various forms of psychotherapy and in the use of psychiatric medicines and other treatments.

After completing their residency training, most psychiatrists take a voluntary examination given by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, to become a "board certified" psychiatrist.

Many psychiatrists continue training beyond the initial four years. They may study child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, forensic (legal) psychiatry, administrative psychiatry, alcohol and substance abuser psychiatry, emergency psychiatry, psychiatry in general medical settings (called "consultation/liaison psychiatry"), mental retardation psychiatry, community psychiatry and public health, military psychiatry and psychiatric research. Some choose additional training in psychoanalysis at special psychoanalytic institutes.

What career paths are available for a psychiatrist?
Because of a continued shortage in the field, psychiatrists have many career opportunities. They work in a variety of settings including general and psychiatric hospitals, university medical centers, community agencies, courts and prisons, nursing homes, industry, government, military settings, schools and universities, rehabilitation programs, emergency rooms, hospices, and many other places. About half of the psychiatrists in the nation maintain private practices.

The hallmark of a psychiatrist's career is diversity and flexibility. Although some psychiatrists prefer working only in one setting, others work in several areas, combining, for instance, a private practice with hospital or community mental health center work. Practitioners set their own work and time commitments according to their personal lifestyles and needs.

Psychiatrists earn about the same as pediatricians and family physicians, depending on the type of practice, hours worked, geographic location, and whether the psychiatrist works in the public or private sector.

Source: Healthy Minds. Healthy Lives.

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