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 Mount Vernon Other Houses of Worship

Muslim Americans WMC | Westchester Westchester Muslim Center

  Westchester Muslim Center is located in Mount Vernon, Westchester County. In the 1970's, several professional Muslims migrated from different parts of the world to the U.S.A. Some of them chose Westchester county as their home. Over the years, these new immigrants became naturalized citizens and were identified as Muslim Americans. As these professionals struggled to settle in their new home, they needed a place were they would be able to come together to establish prayer. The Muslim Americans have continued to increase in number and are represented at various levels of excellence throughout Westchester County. Currently, WMC serves more than 500 Muslim families and operates a weekend school with an enrollment of 300 students. Westchester Muslim Center | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 New Rochelle Other Houses of Worship

10801, Zen Center, New Rochelle, NY, Meeting House Zen Group, practice and study of Zen Buddhism, non-residential lay practice center, silent sitting practice, Buddha dharma, Zen Buddhism, meditation, spiritual community | Westchester Empty Hand Zen Center

  The Empty Hand Zen Center is located at 45 Lawton, New Rochelle, NY 10801 in Westchester County. "The Empty Hand Zen Center was originally founded as the Meeting House Zen Group, to offer a place for the practice and study of Zen Buddhism in Westchester County, New York. After over 20 years in rented spaces, we now own this brick industrial building in downtown New Rochelle. Right in the midst of the busyness of multi-cultural urban life, we have carved out an oasis of simplicity within which deep silence and stillness can be experienced. Empty Hand Zen Center | Westchester  website and more . . .

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