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Jewish Temple | Synagogues

 All Armonk Listings10504, history, about armonk, kensico reservoir, american revolution, smiths tavern, museum, activities, attractions, things to do, places to go, parks in armonk, antique shops in armonk, outdoor activities in armonk, kids on a picnic, revolutionary war

 Armonk Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Reform synagogue Judaism God of Israel | Westchester Congregation B'nai Yisrael - Reform

  Welcome to Congregation B'nai Yisrael located in Armonk, Westchester County, NY. Congregation B'nai Yisrael was founded in 1970 and today is a vibrant, full-service Reform synagogue of over 430 families.Congregation B'nai Yisrael is a warm community, a network of friends, dedicated to the practice of Reform Judaism, to the worship of the God of Israel, to living out the imperatives of Judaism, to working for a better world, a world of justice and peace, and to the enlightened study of Judaism. Congregation B'nai Yisrael - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 Bedford Hills Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Reform Jewish congregation Jewish tradition communities God Covenant mitzvah tzedakah | Westchester Temple Shaaray Tefila - Reform

  The purpose of Temple Shaaray Tefila, a Reform Jewish congregation, shall be to celebrate, observe, and affirm the most worthy values and ideals of our Jewish tradition. Through a sacred bond with one another and with Jewish communities everywhere, we seek to teach and promote principles of righteousness and justice. We welcome all who embrace our purposes, recognizing that each of us is called upon to confront the essential Jewish notions of God, Covenant, mitzvah, and tzedakah. Temple Shaaray Tefila - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 Briarcliff Manor Jewish Temple | Synagogues

10510 Jewish education outreach programs Lubavitch movement Chabad's Moshiach | Westchester Chabad of Briarcliff Manor & Ossining

  Chabad of Briarcliff Manor & Ossining is located at 11 Orchard Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510.Chabad of Briarcliff Manor & Ossining is one of over 3000 branches of today’s largest international organization involved with Jewish education and outreach programs. Embracing the philosophy of the Lubavitch movement, which originated in the town of Lubavitch in White Russia during the 18th century, Chabad's underlying doctrine is "Ahavat Yisrael" (love for a fellow Jew). Chabad of Briarcliff Manor & Ossining | Westchester  website and more . . .

Egalitarian Conservative synagogue Ossining NY congregation | Westchester Congregation Sons of Israel - Conservative

  Congregation Sons of Israel is an egalitarian Conservative synagogue founded in 1891 by a small dedicated group of families who settled in Ossining, NY. Through the years, we have grown and prospered. Today, we are a strong vibrant organization with over 550 member families. Under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Steven Kane and Cantor Jeffrey Shiovitz, and the guidance of our educational director, Roni Shapiro, our congregation offers a unique blend of family and community, providing a learning, social and spiritual environment for all ages. Why not attend a service and see what a warm and welcoming family our congregation truly is? Congregation Sons of Israel - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Chappaqua Listings

 Chappaqua Jewish Temple | Synagogues

synagogue Reform Judaism Jewish Senior Rabbi kehilah kedoshah sukkah | Westchester Temple Beth El Northern Westchester - Reform

  A synagogue in the tradition of Reform Judaism, Temple Beth El is a community where prayer is engaging and participatory. We cherish spiritual depth, sacred and contemporary music, lifelong learning and social justice as paths to Jewish commitment. Temple Beth El is a home in which we celebrate our joys and share our sorrows. Temple Beth El Northern Westchester - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Croton-on-Hudson Listings10520, village of croton-on-hudson, history, croton landing, croton and new croton dams, new croton aqueduct, croton dam, about croton-on-hudson, activities, attractions, things to do, places to go, fishing, children, kids, picnic at a croton-on-hudson

 Croton-on-Hudson Jewish Temple | Synagogues

egalitarian congregation chesed Jewish life Jews | Westchester Croton Jewish Center - Conservative

  Croton Jewish Center is a Conservative, egalitarian congregation. Our members are committed to the ideals of chesed (loving kindness), diversity, fellowship, and the values of Jewish life. Our members are our most cherished resource. We strive to create a traditionally genuine but unstuffy atmosphere so that all Jews whether from highly traditional upbringing or no Jewish background at all feel comfortable, valued, and inspired to learn and worship. Croton Jewish Center - Conservative | Westchester  more . . .

Temple, Israel of Northern Westchester, Reform Jewish congregation, Croton-on-Hudson, northern Westchester, Center for Jewish Learning for pre-schoolers, Adult Learning program, music program | Westchester Temple Israel of Northern Westchester

  Welcome to Temple Israel of Northern Westchester, a Reform Jewish congregation in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. Temple Israel is an established congregation with a history of over 60 years serving the many towns and villages of northern Westchester. We welcome congregants of all generations, varying lifestyles and backgrounds. We offer a vibrant community with many active groups and committees including a Center for Jewish Learning for pre-schoolers through teens and an active and engaged Adult Learning program. Temple Israel is known for its extraordinary music program, its community activism and its inclusiveness. Please explore our site to learn more about that all we have to offer. Temple Israel of Northern Westchester | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 Dobbs Ferry Jewish Temple | Synagogues

GHC traditional Conservative egalitarian congregation lower Westchester County Judaism Jewish life community | Westchester Greenburgh Hebrew Center - Conservative

  Greenburgh Hebrew Center is a traditional, Conservative egalitarian congregation with over 400 member families. GHC is located in the village of Dobbs Ferry in the New York metropolitan area, in lower Westchester County. It is the mission of Greenburgh Hebrew Center to promote the perpetuation of Judaism from generation to generation and to serve as a focal point for Jewish life in the community. Greenburgh Hebrew Center - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 Harrison Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Jewish Community Center progressive egalitarian congregation United Synagogue Judaism Sabbath High Holy Day synagogue | Westchester JCC of Harrison

  The Jewish Community Center of Harrison is a progressive, egalitarian congregation of over 450 member families affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. We were among the first in our area to count women in the quorum of worshipers and call them to the Torah for aliyot. The JCC of Harrison's daily, Sabbath, Festival, and High Holy Day services retain a traditional flavor. Our founding members set the tone of intimacy and warmth almost 40 years ago, which has not dissipated through the years. We welcome newcomers with open arms and invite people who share our values to join our synagogue community. JCC of Harrison | Westchester  website and more . . .

Young Israel of Harrison - Orthodox

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 Hastings-on-Hudson Jewish Temple | Synagogues

congregation Union of Judaism URJ nursery school religious school kindergarten adult education programs Shabbat holiday services Bar/Bat Mitzvah weddings memorial services | Westchester Temple Beth Shalom - Reform

  Temple Beth Shalom is a Reform congregation of over 400 families affilated with the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ). We have a nursery school for 2-,3- and 4-year-olds, a religious school for kindergarten through high school, and an elaborate selection of adult education programs. Shabbat and holiday services, lifecycle events from birth to Bar/Bat Mitzvah, from weddings to memorial services and moral issues that face the Jewish people and the world at large, are all part of our programs. Temple Beth Shalom - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 Irvington-on-Hudson Jewish Temple | Synagogues

egalitarian chavurah Conservative Judaism Jews daven pray congregate read Torah gabbayim drashot | Westchester Rosh Pinah Chavurah of the Rivertowns

  Rosh Pinah is an egalitarian chavurah which follows the practices of Conservative Judaism. It is a fellowship of Jews who wish to daven (pray) and congregate in an atmosphere of respect, joy, warmth, camaraderie and trust. The Chavurah invites anyone interested to join us for services. The Chavurah is very participatory. Its members conduct services, read Torah, serve as gabbayim (service 'helpers'), prepare the drashot (Torah commentary or sermons) and the food. We will be interested in trying different activities that will enrich our services. The Chavurah wants everyone to have a stake in its development and a hand in its success. Rosh Pinah Chavurah of the Rivertowns | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Larchmont Listings10538, history of larchmont, history, things to do, places to visit, activities, attractions, dining,  parks in larchmont, golf courses, antique stores, concerts in flint park, larchmont restaurants, buying a home in larchmont, mta larchmont train

 Larchmont Jewish Temple | Synagogues

synagogue, classic and contemporary music, lifts the soul and words of prayer, Egalitarian and democratic, Conservative congregation, commitment to Israel, Jewish community | Westchester Congregation Sulam Yaakov - Conservative

  We invite you to visit our beautiful and inviting synagogue and feel the spiritual engagement. You’ll find our services filled with warmth and passion, rich with classic and contemporary music that lifts the soul and words of prayer and study that challenge the mind. Congregation Sulam Yaakov - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .

jewish adult education programs Nursery Religious School | Westchester Larchmont Temple - Reform

  Larchmont Temple was founded in 1948 and has grown to over 700 families. Our temple remains an active, thriving, growing community of reform Jews dedicated to the practice of our religion through study, worship, and good deeds. We have a full schedule of activities at the temple which include adult education programs, social action projects, and social events. Larchmont Temple serves the needs of our youth of all ages from an innovative Nursery School to an active Religious School to a vibrant Youth Group. Larchmont Temple - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Mamaroneck Listings10543, history of mamaroneck, about mamaroneck, history, interesting facts, about westchester county, things to do, about activities, attractions, places to go, great theatre, emelin theatre in mamaroneck, for children, restaurants in mamaroneck

 Mamaroneck Jewish Temple | Synagogues

JEP New York heritage | Westchester Jewish Education Program of Westchester

  The Jewish Education Program of Westchester (JEP) is located in Mamaronneck, New York. Over the past eighteen years, JEP has provided classes and lectures for Jewish adults who are motivated to learn more about their heritage. Press blue button for more information. Jewish Education Program of Westchester | Westchester  website and more . . .

Orienta Synagogue - Orthodox


Westchester Community for Humanistic Judaism


Jewish Center, Conservative, traditional, egalitarian, synagogue in Mamaroneck, Early Childhood Center, Religious School, Hebrew High School, Adult Education, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, minyans, Shabbat and Yom Tov services | Westchester Westchester Jewish Center - Conservative

  The Westchester Jewish Center is a Conservative, traditional egalitarian synagogue in Mamaroneck, New York. We are a warm and welcoming community that offers many different opportunities to grow and learn Jewishly and to be a part of a supportive community. Westchester Jewish Center - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Mount Kisco Listings

 Mount Kisco Jewish Temple | Synagogues

10549 egalitarian Synagogue United Synagogue Judaism Jewish Community Northern Westchester 

Shiva minyans Shabbat Holiday Services | Westchester Bet Torah - Conservative

  Bet Torah is an egalitarian Synagogue affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Bet Torah Synagogue has provided a home for the Conservative Jewish Community of northern Westchester since the early part of this century, residing at its present location since 1950. Over 500 families comprise the Bet Torah membership and we are constantly growing and changing. Bet Torah supports its community in many ways. A full range of religious services is available, from daily evening and Shiva minyans to Shabbat and Holiday Services. Socially, Club Bet Torah sponsors fun and creative adult activities throughout the year while Men's Club, Sisterhood, and Adult Education provide programs diverse enough for any interest level. Bet Torah - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .

10549 Upper Westchester Jewish life shul on the hill traditional Judaism Shabbat meals | Westchester Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation - Orthodox

  One of the treasures of Upper Westchester is an extraordinary place, Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation, that is proud to invite you to participate in the vibrancy of Jewish life in our area. Centrally located in the heart of Mount Kisco, the ‘shul on the hill’ offers a center for traditional Judaism to anyone who wishes to experience authenticity and spirituality. People come from all over the county to pray, study, educate their children, enjoy family programs and celebrate their Judaism. Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation - Orthodox | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Mount Vernon Listings

 Mount Vernon Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Congregation Brothers of Israel - Orthodox


shul Mount Vernon eruv daily minyan regular shiurim Grand Central Terminal | Westchester Fleetwood Synagogue - Orthodox

  Our shul, the Fleetwood Synagogue, is located in the village of Fleetwood, Mount Vernon, midway between the communities of New Rochelle and Riverdale. We are proud to have an eruv, daily minyan, regular shiurim and exciting special events, all in a friendly atmosphere with a small-town feel. You can find housing of all types in Fleetwood, from stately colonials to co-ops to rental apartments. The commute to Manhattan is a quick, 25-minute train ride from Fleetwood's own Metro-North Railroad station to Grand Central Terminal. Fleetwood Synagogue - Orthodox | Westchester  website and more . . .

congregation multigenerational interfaith interracial | Westchester Sinai Free Synagogue - Reform

  "We believe that the uniqueness of Sinai Free Synagogue comes from its diversity, one of its greatest assets. Our congregation is comprised of members living in over three dozen localities in the tri-state area alone. We are multigenerational, interfaith, and interracial, and we are welcoming to all lifestyle choices. There is a great sense of family for many of us, a true sense of being connected to the values that help us live Jewishly. We are eager to share the rich Jewish history and culture that is the foundation of Western religions, and we strive to make every individual, regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation, feel welcome and at ease in our congregation." Sinai Free Synagogue - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All City of New Rochelle Listings10801, history, about new rochelle, things to do, places to visit, activities, attractions, restaurants, dining, buying a home in new rochelle, concert, golf course, antique stores, children, park, kids, parks in new rochelle, playground, movies, shopping

 City of New Rochelle Jewish Temple | Synagogues

United Synagogue Judaism Jewish cemetery religious doctrine history culture community | Westchester Beth El Synagogue Center - Conservative

  The object of Beth El Synagogue Center is to establish and maintain a synagogue for divine worship and religious observance; to maintain schools for instruction in Jewish religious doctrine, history and culture; to provide and maintain facilities for the cultivation of Jewish thought and action; to cultivate social intercourse as a means of fostering Jewish sentiments; to encourage and develop the moral, mental and physical welfare of its members; to strengthen and promote Conservative Judaism; to own, operate and maintain cemetery property for its members and the Jewish community; and to promote benevolent and charitable causes. The form of ritual at Beth El Synagogue Center conforms to the tenets of Conservative Judaism. The congregation is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Beth El Synagogue Center - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .

10805, Congregation, modern orthodox synagogue, New York City, Grand Central Station, Westchester Day School, Westchester Hebrew High School, kosher restaurants, kosher food markets, bakeries and mikvahs, religious school | Westchester Congregation Anshe Sholom - Orthodox

  Congregation Anshe Sholom, a modern orthodox synagogue, is located at 50 North Ave., New Rochelle, NY 10805 in Westchester County, less than 20 miles from New York City and a half an hour train ride to Grand Central Station in Manhattan. Located in the southern part of New Rochelle, Anshe Sholom is a short distance from Westchester Day School, Westchester Hebrew High School, kosher restaurants, kosher food markets, bakeries and mikvahs. Anshe Sholom also maintains its own eruv and has a religious school. Congregation Anshe Sholom celebrated its 110th anniversary in June of 2006. We are a growing, close-knit family community that welcomes people from every walk of life. Congregation Anshe Sholom - Orthodox | Westchester  website and more . . .

Kehillat Chovevei Tzion


Temple, Israel, New Rochelle, synagogue, worship, religious school, children Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Westchester, national, reform Jewish movement, southern Westchester, religious education, traditional, modern, childhood education, program | Westchester Temple Israel of New Rochelle - Reform

  Temple Israel of New Rochelle is a warm and inclusive synagogue that brings together a diverse group of individuals and families spanning all generations. Temple Israel's congregants worship together, celebrate together, mourn together, learn together, and work alongside one another toward Tikun Olam - the betterment of our world. Headed by a vibrant clergy, dedicated professional staff, devoted lay leaders, and an energetic Sisterhood and Brotherhood, Temple Israel maintains a position of prominence in Westchester as well as the national reform Jewish movement. Conveniently situated for all who make southern Westchester their home, Temple Israel offers innovative religious education for people of all ages (including adults) and spiritually engaging worship services of varying styles, from traditional to modern. The Kehillah School, our nurturing early childhood education program (for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age) offers options of six to twelve hour days to suit full-time working families, while our Chavaya religious school (K - grade 12) and youth groups (grades 5 - 12) successfully ensure that our children remain active in temple life through high school and beyond. In so many ways, Temple Israel provides continuing enrichment to each of the lives it touches. Temple Israel of New Rochelle - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .

10804, orthodox synagogue, New Rochelle NY, National Council of the Young Israel, YINR, New Rochelle Jewish community, Wykagyl section of New Rochelle, "Queen City of the Sound" | Westchester Young Israel of New Rochelle - Orthodox

  Young Israel of New Rochelle, an orthodox synagogue, is located at 1228 North Ave., New Rochelle, NY 10804 in Westchester County. We are a member of the National Council of the Young Israel. YINR has grown dramatically in recent years and now serves more than 300 member families of all ages. YINR and the greater New Rochelle Jewish community provide a wide range of programs, services and other infrastructure. We are located in the Wykagyl section of New Rochelle, often referred to as the "Queen City of the Sound". Young Israel of New Rochelle - Orthodox | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All City of Peekskill Listings10566, history, american revolution, activities, underground railroad, art district, artist studios, galleries, peekskill art lofts, about peekskill, things to do, places to visit, activities, attractions, dining, restaurants, buying a home

 City of Peekskill Jewish Temple | Synagogues

First Hebrew, Conservative shul, Hebrew School, Junior Congregation, Tot Shabbat, bar/bat mitzvah,  Conservative service,  Jewish heritage, First Hebrew Congregation of Peekskill | Westchester First Hebrew Congregation - Conservative

  First Hebrew’s mission is to enrich our vibrant egalitarian Jewish Community though education, worship, charity and social interaction, and to support each person in their pursuit of Jewish learning, values and spirituality.

First Hebrew Congregation is a warm and welcoming participatory Jewish community. We celebrate Jewish practices with present-day meaning. Inspired by our heritage, we foster the ideals of contemporary Conservative Judaism through life-long learning, worship, charitable acts and social connection. We are devoted to our community and are committed to building for the future. We welcome all individuals and families, including interfaith families, people of all ages, races, sexual orientation and disabilities. First Hebrew Congregation - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Pelham Listings10803, dining out, excellent restaurants in pelham, buying a home in pelham, oldest town, thomas pell, village of pelham manor, village of pelham, history, history of pelham, huguenots, history of westchester county, about pelham manor

 Pelham Jewish Temple | Synagogues

egalitarian synagogue communal Jewish unaffiliated Hebrew school New York City cosmopolitan observance interfaith couples | Westchester Pelham Jewish Center - Conservative

  Welcome to the Pelham Jewish Center. We are an egalitarian synagogue committed to fostering a rich, communal Jewish life through prayer, study, social action, and outreach to the unaffiliated. We have a Hebrew school, adult education programs, youth groups, and social action programs. Our relatively small size and proximity to New York City have allowed us to develop a community that is both close-knit and cosmopolitan. We have a few elderly founding members, more empty-nesters, and many young families. We have a diverse membership consisting of people from all backgrounds and experiences with Jewish observance, including interfaith couples. Everyone is welcome at Pelham Jewish Center; everyone is encouraged to participate. Pelham Jewish Center - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Pleasantville Listings

 Pleasantville Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Pleasantville Community Synagogue, Westchester's first trans-denominational synagogue, progressive, spiritually-based Judaism, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Renewal Jew, meditation, (Women's) programs, adult education | Westchester Pleasantville Community Synagogue - Reform

  In the winter of 1997, Pleasantville Community Synagogue was founded as Westchester's first trans-denominational synagogue, dedicated to being an inclusive home for all those seeking a progressive, spiritually-based Judaism.

Pleasantville Community Synagogue has been likened to a big tent. The Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and Renewal Jew; the interfaith family; those who wish to convert to Judaism - all are welcome. PCS is not only the home of people seeking a progressive, spiritually-based Joyful Judaism, but also the home of those who want to return. One service is all it takes to fall in love with PCS, says new congregant, Judy Chinitz. Pleasantville Community Synagogue - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Port Chester Listings10573, history, restaurants, multiplex movie theater, about, attractions, things to do, places to see, children, parks in port chester, activities for children, kids can play, antique stores, movies

 Port Chester Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Congregation Kneses Tifereth Israel - Conservative

 All Pound Ridge Listingspound ridge, new york, fine dining, scenic spots, hiking,  ward pound ridge reservation, picnics, hiking for the beginner or the advanced hiker,  fishing, cross-country skiing, demographics for pound ridge, history of pound ridge

 Pound Ridge Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Pound Ridge Jewish Community

 All City of Rye Listings10580, history of the city of rye, new york, schools, rye school districts, historical landmarks, about rye, hiking, golf courses in rye, antique stores, birding in rye, place for children, kids, time to eat, rye restaurants, buying a home in rye

 City of Rye Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Chavurat Tikvah - Reform


Beit T'fillah Beit Midrash Beit Knesset Jewish Judaism | Westchester Community Synagogue of Rye - Reform

  At Community Synagogue we keep in mind the three-fold definition of what a synagogue is supposed to be: A House of Prayer - Beit T'fillah; A House of Study - Beit Midrash, and A House of Assembly - Beit Knesset. We strive to help people find God and connections to each other through sacred Jewish acts. In each of these areas, we serve our community with creativity, innovation, and caring. We endeavor to make our Judaism relevant, compelling, inspiring and meaningful. At Community Synagogue our services are enriched with music that blends the traditions of our past with modern and innovative expression. Community Synagogue of Rye - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .

liberal Reform Union of American Hebrew Congregations Westchester Jewish community | Westchester Congregation Emanu-El Westchester - Reform

  Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester was founded in 1953 as a liberal, Reform Congregation. From its inception until today, Emanu-El of Westchester has maintained a liberal and forward thinking approach to its religious philosophy. Its present spiritual leader is Rabbi Daniel S. Wolk, who has served since 1967. The congregation is a member of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Our building is ideally located at the corner of Westchester Ave East and Kenilworth Road and resides on over seven acres of secluded, wooded property, the present sanctuary was dedicated in 1972. The distinctive architecture of the sanctuary blends in harmoniously with the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Congregation Emanu-El Westchester - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Scarsdale Listingssoutheast southeastern south southern

 Scarsdale Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Jewish life religious philosophy Torah Creator Creation | Westchester Chabad Lubavitch of Westchester County

  Chabad-Lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. It is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today. Lubavitch appropriately means the "city of brotherly love"The word "Chabad" is a Hebrew acronym for the three intellectual faculties of: chachmah-wisdom, binah-comprehension and da'at-knowledge. The movement's system of Jewish religious philosophy, the deepest dimension of G-d's Torah, teaches understanding and recognition of the Creator, the role and purpose of Creation, and the importance and unique mission of each Creature. This philosophy guides a person to refine and govern his and her every act and feeling through wisdom, comprehension and knowledge. Chabad Lubavitch of Westchester County | Westchester  website and more . . .

Congregation M'vakshe Derekh - Reconstructionist

  We are a warm and caring synagogue with a traditional yet contemporary approach to Judaism. Services, lively gatherings, art and music programs, thought provoking discussions, adult education and social events are dynamic and uplifting. Our members delight in making newcomers feel right at home. We invite you to come see why this gem of a congregation continues to meet the needs of singles, couples, empty nesters and those who may wish to reconnect with Jewish Life. Congregation M'vakshe Derekh - Reconstructionist | Westchester  website and more . . .

Jewish community worship God Shabbat Jewish community life roots future | Westchester Scarsdale Synagogue Tremont Temple - Reform

  Scarsdale Synagogue, Temples Tremont and Emanu-El is a reform congregation located 2 Ogden Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 in southern Westchester County. We invite you to visit our synagogue, join us for a service, and learn more about our community.

From Scarsdale Synagogue: "Scarsdale Synagogue was founded in 1961 when Rabbi David Greenberg joined approximately fifteen families to establish a new synagogue, which was originally housed out of a neighborhood church. By 1968 the size of the congregation had increased. A family donated the land we continue to occupy, and loans were secured to finance construction of a larger, permanent home for the growing community. True to Jewish tradition, the school was the first space to be completed. Worship services were held in the room we still use but now call the Social Hall. Several who worshipped with Rabbi Greenberg remain active and valued members of our sacred community. Scarsdale Synagogue Tremont Temple - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .

synagogue Gates of Hope Jews Scarsdale village southern Westchester Shabbat Kiddush lunch Hebrew school simchas Jewish tradition | Westchester Shaarei Tikvah - Conservative

  We are small enough to feel like home, but large enough to offer what you want in a synagogue. Shaarei Tikvah (Gates of Hope) welcomes Jews of all ages and backgrounds. Located just outside Scarsdale village, our membership is drawn from communities throughout southern Westchester. Come get to know us. Visit for Shabbat or holiday services and stay for Kiddush lunch. Participate in our weekday minyan. Learn about our dynamic, weekday-only Hebrew school. Explore the many opportunities Shaarei Tikvah offers for adult learning, social action, and spiritual growth. Join a warm community where you can worship and study, share simchas and sorrows, make lasting friendships, and connect with Jewish tradition. Shaarei Tikvah - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .

Union for Reform Judaism Congregations URJ Jewish people heritage God Torah Israel Avodah congregation Chavurah Talmud Torah Tikkum Olam Clal Yisrael | Westchester Westchester Reform Temple - Reform

  Welcome to Westchester Reform Temple, located in Scarsdale, New York. Spiritual home to over 1,100 member families, WRT offers a wide range of educational, religious, and social programs for our congregants and neighbors and is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism Congregations (URJ). Westchester Reform Temple - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .

synagogues New York congregation Judaism worshipping | Westchester Young Israel of Scarsdale - Orthodox

  Welcome to the Young Israel of Scarsdale. The Young Israel of Scarsdale has developed into one of the most vibrant orthodox synagogues in New York, and you are invited to attend services in an exciting congregation. Join with us in sharing the warmth, beauty and meaning of Judaism, and in experiencing the joy and spirit which come with worshipping and living Judaism in an embracing community. Young Israel of Scarsdale - Orthodox | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Shenorock Listingsnorthern, outdoor activities, attractions, things to do, visit parks, antique shops, hiking, biking, lasdon park, history, about lincolndale, golfing, golf, golf course, summer outdoor concerts, antiquing, antique shops, historical society

 Shenorock Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Reconstructionist synagogue Jews congregation traditional Judaism | Westchester Hebrew Congregation Somers - Reconstructionist

  The Hebrew Congregation of Somers is a Reconstructionist synagogue where all Jews, regardless of their affiliation, are welcomed. We are a congregation committed to helping our members and the communities where they live. We strive for a partnership between traditional Judaism and the present needs of modern Jews. Hebrew Congregation Somers - Reconstructionist | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All South Salem Listingsnortheast northeastern north northern southsalem

 South Salem Jewish Temple | Synagogues

JFC traditional contemporary rabbi cantorial religious services High Holy Days | Westchester Jewish Family Congregation

  Through worship and prayer, we are brought together into the one family that is the Jewish Family Congregation (JFC). Members of JFC and visitors alike love the informal, enthusiastic, participatory nature of our worship services. Mixing the traditional with the contemporary, our rabbi and cantorial soloist lead us in worship that is meaningful, uplifting and inspirational. Jewish Family Congregation | Westchester  website and more . . .
 All Tarrytown Listingsriver town, river towns, hudson river, southern, tourist towns, visit, vacation, holiday, sightsee, south, southern, southwest, southwestern

 Tarrytown Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Temple Beth Abraham - Reform

 All City of White Plains Listingscentral mid south southern southeast southeastern central mid whiteplains

 City of White Plains Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Jewish congregation congregants Jews | Westchester Bet Am Shalom - Reconstructionist

  Bet Am Shalom, a Reconstructionist Synagogue, is located at 295 Soundview Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606 in Westchester County.

We are a vibrant, egalitarian congregation of families and individuals from diverse backgrounds, bound together by a shared belief in a thoughtful and progressive approach to Judaism. With a deep respect for tradition, we seek to evolve as the world around us evolves. The creative spirit of our members fuels our community as together we learn, share lifecycle events, support each other and commit to tikkun olam. Bet Am Shalom - Reconstructionist | Westchester  website and more . . .

Jewish community Judaism Torah Avodah Gemilut Hassadim congregational Israel | Westchester Congregation Kol Ami - Reform

  Congregation Kol Ami is a vibrant and caring Jewish community connecting our members to Judaism on many levels - emotional, spiritual, intellectual and ethical - enriching our lives through wisdom (Torah) and relationships that are formed with one another and with God (Avodah), and acts of love and kindness (Gemilut Hassadim). Kol Ami is our spiritual home. As a house of prayer, we gather together in congregational worship to seek God’s presence, to share our lives as Jews and to be part of the community of Israel. Some are seeking to discover, some to rediscover, all to experience the richness of our Jewish heritage. Because people come to Congregation Kol Ami from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and lifestyles, our worship services offer diversity in time and style, blending the traditional with the contemporary in prayer and song. Congregation Kol Ami - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .

Orthodox congregation Westchester Greater New York Klal Yisrael traditional synagogue chevrah  Jewish | Westchester Hebrew Institute of White Plains - Orthodox

  The Hebrew Institute of White Plains is a model Orthodox congregation for Westchester and Greater New York. With its open environment and heterogenous population, it seeks to serve as a prototype for experiencing Klal Yisrael within a traditional setting. It is a synagogue which encourages spiritual seeking and growth for its diverse population and helps foster a sense of chevrah and togetherness, all of which will form the bedrock of the Jewish future. Hebrew Institute of White Plains - Orthodox | Westchester  website and more . . .

traditional egalitarian congregation Jewish observance learning congregants | Westchester Temple Israel Center - Conservative

  Temple Israel Center is a traditional, egalitarian congregation, deeply committed to fostering Jewish observance and learning in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance. We view Jewish learning as a lifelong process: we are committed to providing broad-ranging learning opportunities for congregants of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Through learning, prayer, social action and outreach, we at Temple Israel Center, seek consistently to reinforce the basic principals on which we frame our behavior with one another and with the community at large. Temple Israel Center  - Conservative | Westchester  website and more . . .

congregation synagogue Town Greenburgh | Westchester Woodlands Community Temple - Reform

  Begun in 1966, the founders of Woodlands Community Temple sought to create a different kind of congregation. Focusing on the word “community,” they instilled in our members a feeling of belonging and involvement which we often refer to as “the Woodlands Way". Our synagogue is a large, brick mansion on a rural-feeling piece of land in the Town of Greenburgh. Comfortable and homey, our building is made more charming by a simple glass-walled Sanctuary which brings the outdoors in, and no raised bimah or fixed seats. Woodlands Community Temple - Reform | Westchester  website and more . . .

congregation rabbis Al HaTorah Al HaAvodah v'Al Gemilut Chasadim The Torah Serving God synagogue  traditional Judaism Jewish community | Westchester Young Israel of White Plains - Orthodox

  The Young Israel of White Plains is a rapidly-growing Orthodox congregation in one of Westchester County's most desirable residential communities. Ideally located only 35 minutes from midtown Manhattan via public transportation, White Plains combines the community flavor of a small-town with the facilities of a vibrant city. Our myriad parks, tree-lined streets and charming homes exhibit tranquil beauty and provide an ideal setting for raising children. Young Israel of White Plains - Orthodox | Westchester  website and more . . .
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 City of Yonkers Jewish Temple | Synagogues

Congregation Sons of Israel - Orthodox


Greystone Jewish Center - Orthodox


Kehillat Chaverim


LPJC Modern Congregation Jews worship Ashkenazik tradition Sefardic melodies traditions | Westchester Lincoln Park Jewish Center - Orthodox

  The Lincoln Park Jewish Center (LPJC) is a Modern Orthodox Congregation that can best be described as an “un-orthodox Orthodox congregation.” Lincoln Park Jewish Center's congregation is made up of Jews from a wide variety of backgrounds, levels of observance, ethnicities and races, nationalities and many different languages. We are all committed to maintaining and participating in a shul that welcomes this diversity and affirms it, so that we can worship, learn and grow together as a community. Our services are fully Orthodox and follow the Ashkenazik tradition but also incorporate some Sefardic melodies and traditions. We are also committed to the fullest participation and equality of women as acceptable by Jewish law. Lincoln Park Jewish Center - Orthodox | Westchester  website and more . . .

congregation traditional Judaism Jewish religion spirituality culture history philosophy senior citizen gay  interfaith household affiliation | Westchester Mishkan Ha'am - Reconstructionist

  Welcome to Mishkan Ha'am. We're a new and growing community dedicated to serving as a bridge between the search for religious identity and the demands of the secular world. As a Reconstructionist congregation, we integrate a deep respect for traditional Judaism with the insights, ideas, and innovations growing from contemporary life. If you are interested in Jewish religion, spirituality, culture, history and philosophy, there is a place for you here, whether you are a senior citizen or a child, single or married, gay or straight, part of an interfaith household, one with longstanding Jewish practice, or no previous Jewish affiliation. Mishkan Ha'am - Reconstructionist | Westchester  website and more . . .

Northeast Jewish Center - Conservative

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10598 Yorktown's oldest Reform congregation Judaism | Westchester Temple Beth Am

  Temple Beth Am is located at 203 Church Place, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598-4640 in Westchester County. Temple Beth Am, established in 1963, is Yorktown's oldest Reform congregation. We offer you and your family a richly rewarding experience in Reform Judaism. The friendly informality of our Temple is one of its treasured intangibles.A feeling of meeting with friends characterizes every aspect of Temple life. Temple Beth Am | Westchester  website and more . . .

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism modern traditional congregation | Westchester Yorktown Jewish Center

  The Yorktown Jewish Center is a Conservative Synagogue, affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Founded in 1952, we are a modern synagogue with traditional values. We boast a diverse and inclusive congregation with members from all walks of life. We welcome families with young children. Education is a primary focus of our community. The Center Nursery School, Religious School, Adult Education, Lecture Series and other programs give Yorktown Jewish Center members a well rounded experience in Jewish life. Yorktown Jewish Center | Westchester  website and more . . .

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